tv show review; Epix DC’s Pennyworth Season 1

from left; Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes), Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth) and Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne).

Everyone knows Alfred Pennyworth as the Batman’s loyal butler but none of us sure the life before he come to Wayne’s service.

He was a former special-forces soldier who never returned from the war. Living in London and adapting a normal citizen’s life was difficult for him. The story follows Alfred’s conflict in dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from serving in the Queen’s army. He tried the very best avoiding any act of violence, but his circumstances forced him to vice versa.

The storyline set in 1950-1960 DC’s London. This version of London was much more twisted and differ from the real London that we all knew. A crime drama television series which focussing on politics game between the corrupted government and the one who against them, a group of fascism called ‘Raven Society’ and socialist, ‘No Name League’. Guess what, Alfred always caught upon the web’s strings by this political play. He was a skilled gunman with his wit to overcome any problem make he somehow the wanted fellow to accomplish an impulsive mission.

8.7 out of 10

  1. Soundtrack (OST) and songs: The music used fit the scene perfectly. OST by David Russo, whom previous work on Gotham had done a great job in tuning the dash of British.

2. Cinematography: Episode by episode, they introduced more into the DC’s London setting. The transition from one scene to another was also well-executed.

Pennyworth Season 1 Episode 101: Pilot

3. Character’s development: Central character, Alfred Pennyworth and also the supporting characters (Thomas Wayne, Bet Sykes, Martha Kane, Daveboy, Bazza, Lord James Howard, Mr. & Mrs. Pennyworth) were AMAZING! They were all flawed and throughout the season, we could see how they use the space to evolve. Then, becoming all beloved characters.

4. Dynamic interaction : The script written brilliantly. I cannot say much more, all the Brit’s slangs and engaging dialogue succeeded to bring upfront each character’s background.

5. Plot line: Everything is incredible and mind-blowing from the act of intro, rising, climax, falling and resolution except some sequence executed loosely (but not a lot of them). But the twist in finale was SPECTACULAR! I was truly overwhelmed.

6. Theme: It highlighted the different principle one held and the core of belief that they thought worth fighting for. And again, I want to mention the finale, how everything finally unraveled starting from the very basis of a family unit, between Alfred and his father.

Pennyworth is definitely worth watching. Alfred Pennyworth, at your service.

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