tv show review; Disney+ Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 1

Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian/Mando

Everyone knows the famous bounty hunter in Star Wars’ universe, Boba Fett. But in ‘The Mandalorian’, it has introduced us from the new insight of another bounty hunter. He went with the name of Mandalorian or just Mando.

He swore to the Creed and followed the Mandalorian’s way, an ancient martial order consisting of members from multiple species all bound by a common culture, creed and code. In this timeline, the Mandalorians went hiding and believed to have perished completely during the Great Purge. He was also a member in Bounty Hunters’ Guild. The story follows Mando’s conflict against the challenge of his moral compass. He stood up for what he believed in by protecting the Child, an asset he needed to obtain for the Imperial.

The storyline in galaxy (Star Wars’ universe), five years after the fall of Empire in Episode VI: Return of The Jedi (The Original’s Trilogy). An action and adventure fiction, also fancied with space western genre which focussing on the chaos left when the Empire fell and rise of New Republic. Mando had to be on the run when he kept the Child or we all known as Baby Yoda (even though it’s not the young Yoda because the story set after the death of Yoda um, obviously) from the Imperial’s hands.

9.8 out of 10

 1. Soundtrack (Scores): The theme song is addictive! It is so unique and fits the Star Wars’ vibe perfectly with the hint of its own value. Ludwig Goransson, who also worked for Venom and Black Panther’s scores.

2. Cinematography: The Mandalorian added 4 new planets into the Star Wars’ lore. Each episode with the detailed scenery of planets visited by Mando brought us all into the state after the Empire fell and not to forget, the variation held differ from one another. Every planets’ background used to add up the scenes’ depth is definitely why the Star Wars’ fan love this tv series so much.

In Chapter 5: The Gunslinger brought us to the familiar planet, Tatooine

3. Character’s development: Central character, Mando and the rest of supporting characters (Greef Karga, Cara Dune, Kuiil, IG-11 & ‘Baby Yoda’) were TOP NOTCH! From the very first episode we could see how Mando hated droids and by the final event, he probably changed his thought on whatever trauma he had over droids. The grey side of Greef Karga which prioritized his own survival unraveled when his almost death moment altered his belief. Cara Dune who couldn’t resist anything involving the Imperial showed her loyalty to the Alliance and even took her time to retire but she still got some fight left within. Kuiil who portrayed a role of freedom from any servitude, gave us another point of view in the Star Wars’ universe. IG-11 represented the very core of droids, bad or good was the refelect who imprinted them.

from left; Kuiil, IG-11, Mando, Cara Dune and Greef Karga

4. Dynamic interaction: Perfect in all way! Among the characters, the chemistry was amazing. With the history behind each character was well developed and from that, they held the significant identity. Some of the lines are memorable and catchy. I also adore the interaction between IG-11 and Mando, the development built throughout the series gave such a insighful depth.

“I have spoken” -Kuiil

5. Plot line: To be honest, I love how this series wasn’t solely based on plot driven but also character-driven ones. Every scene was well executed even though a bit slow pace but definitely a worthy watch by the end because indirectly, you understood the meaning beneath layers by layers of information.

6. Theme: It focussed on what your belief and how far would you stood up to it despite the stretching circumstances. The reason Mando protected the Child because he believed that he had the responsibility to redeem his past as he himself was a foundling, saved by the Mandalorians. Life as a bounty hunter didn’t stain his moral compass, he would always find the way rather than killing.

Last but not least, how can you not sacrifice your soul to wacth this cuteness overloaded.

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