book review; Supernova (Renegades #3) by Marissa Meyer

4.7/5 stars

This is the third and last book of Renegades trilogy by Marissa. The epic conclusion of Renegades (2017) and Archenemies (2018).

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From Goodreads,

All’s fair in love and anarchy…

The epic conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s thrilling Renegades Trilogy finds Nova and Adrian fighting to keep their identities secret. While the battle rages on between their alter egos and their allies, there is a darker threat shrouding Gatlon City.

The Renegades’ worst enemy is back among them, threatening to reclaim Gatlon City. Nova and Adrian must brave lies and betrayal to protect those they love. Their greatest fears are about to come to life, and unless they can bridge the divide between heroes and villains, they stand to lose everything. Including each other.

Intrigue and action will leave readers on edge until the final, shocking secrets are revealed.


  • This story was so beautifully written. So many good quotes, and the author brought this story alive from the third point of view of Nova and Adrian was perfect!
  • Characters’ development are top-notch especially the main protagonist. Comparing how far they’ve come from the first book til this last one, to witness how they grew into somebody with changed perspective, to see how they learned and understood one another.
  • The author redefined the bridge between heroes and villains. I love how Meyer crafted the route and left the readers to think about this concept.
  • The concept of grey in reality. It’s such a daring issue tried to highlight where in reality, there were no obvious black and white. It’s genius, and how Meyer explored from her insight.
  • Finally, we got the origin of why and how they have superpowers.
  • PLOT TWIST! So many of them, I just still in awe and mind-blown because to be honest, I did not see it coming!
  • The world-building of Gatlon City described here, especially part of whatever ruins left after the Age of Anarchy.
  • I love the dialogue and the backstory that came with it, especially when the revelation happened, the mystery revealed.


  • It was slow pace from the beginning, but this book picked up faster than the first two books.
  • The dynamic interaction was a bit lackey between the main and supporting characters. Some of them were not well developed.
  • Even though I love how the story represented from a third point of view, I think it could be much better if it was in the first point of view. The idea all revolved around Nova and Adrian.
  • The fight scene was a bit confusing and too many descriptions of it somehow could make a rough transition from one frame to another.
  • The ‘supposed-to-be’ awaiting moments like the revelation secret identity both of Nova and Adrian were established poorly.

An appreciation post to Marissa Meyer for her genius concept

I adore her writing so much especially the idea of her novel is somehow refreshing. They’re all one of a kind, the originality to start something bold and daring is her uniqueness. I came to love ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ and now this ‘Renegades’ trilogy. Definitely an auto-buy author.

Why this trilogy is a daring idea? Because we ourselves already familiar with the concept of heroes and villains, and the way she approached it is fascinating. She makes me wonder and question a lot, this book make me rethink and redefined again the true meaning in what it takes to be a hero and why ones acclaimed as a villain.

So many little things here, the fiction element can be reflected in the mundane of reality we’re living.

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