journal; entry 002

Describe an outdoor space that you have visited or wish to visit and that you consider to be a special source of creative energy. What symbol of that place can you incorporate into your daily life?

Leigh Bardugo in The Severed Moon (A Year-Long Journal of Magic)

I wish to visit a place of serenity. I have no idea the exact location or even the existence of that kind of place but what I have in mind is a lake, as huge as it stretches out towards horizon. The place secluded with range of mountains as high as it fighting to reach the open blue sky and as extended as it can get to cover the rocky ground. And yes, heavy forest, green and dampened of newly morning dew. Of course, the mist of fresh also clear air to breathe. That, my dear, is the core essence of tranquility itself. It will be a special source of creative energy for it is the closest place that dare enough to cross the thin border between living and nature. With water, earth and wind around intensified space could fuel up the fiery passion within. It symbolized eternal peacefulness despite the chaos corrupted out there. To have these insight and state of stillness are luxuries to us who live in this urbanization and fast moving forward civilization that doesn’t know how to stop. That break in life is necessary or we are all going to disrupt the elemental and go insane.

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