journal; entry 006

Write down 7 things you love about yourself

BlessingManifesting, Self-Love Journaling Prompts for Valentine’s Day
  1. I love my capability to turn the worst thoughts into positive affirmations.

I always found myself into so many lows. To dwell among the pain and scars alone is really hurtful. I do not hope for others to take care of me. I don’t want to be their burden. So, whatever situation I get myself in, I always try my best to pick up the shattered pieces and put myself together again. I wish I could do this more to others, to my family, my friends, to anyone who loves and cares for me. I am still trying; I hope I can do better.

  1. I love my skill to turn ideas in my head into written words.

Even though I still fighting to win over consistency but I treasure each progress. When I found myself in a mess, through writing it down, it always get clearer. It’s amazing how it truly works, and I never stop wondering in awe. Poem, thoughts, stories, every word written by this very hand of mine are part of me. The serenity to know this skill is in me, I hope it could find its way to heal and mend others too like it did to me.

  1. I love the reader in me, the curious wanderer that crave for infinite possibility.

Being a reader has taught me a lot of things. Even how crazy the fiction could be, it always reflects the truth of reality. Harsh, harder truth even. A reader in me is full of compassion and empathy. I couldn’t imagine my version without all the stories I’ve read. They belonged to me, every beating heart, every flowing blood, every sparking soul.

  1. I love the child within me, the ones who always hope and always brave.

One more thing, if I found myself at the very low state, if I couldn’t find myself to attune with written words, I would always search for the child. The child is the younger version of me. I would talk in front of the mirrors, telling myself all the positive affirmations and finding all achievement of mine that make the child proud. How much I have grown up, learning. How far I have been to get here, seeking. And to have that power is one of the pillar strength I am grateful for.

  1. I love the melancholy aura; it is so intense and obviously a cry baby.

The emotional side of me is never ever a weakness, it’s always been the very strength. I love to get sad, be sad somehow because it feels like I touch the deep core in me that hurt and tears are proof that I am healing, mending, and finding reasons to be happy again. Contradiction, contrast is a powerful tool that can cure.

  1. I love the part of me that appreciate little things, the ones who always grateful.

Kindness of a stranger, laughter of youngling, the smile of old folks, a single flower bloomed among rocks by the paved roadside. They are full so full of hope, full of joy, full of magic and wander. Of lfe. It’s the very definition of what it feels like to be alive.

  1. I love the survivor in me, the ones who never truly gives up.

Days by days, surviving the cruel world with a free spirit contained is one hell of a duty. It’s a tough job, to get broken and to rise again repeatedly. Being eccentric just makes it worse, the feeling of loneliness and the thought of never going to fit in is the scariest fear I have. I try to deal with it, alongside the principle I hold, “I am enough, always enough”. By the end of the day, it’s always me on my own, alone with the love of The One, with the strength of The One, with the faith to hold on to The One. He is my very strength, and He never left me. I will always be with Him.

9 thoughts on “journal; entry 006

  1. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Your words have given me a bit strength, an opportunity for me to look at and into myself and find the things about me that I love and appreciate.


    1. It’s truly personal though, I’m hesitating at first but hearing the words from you make me glad for sharing it. I hope it inspires you to love yourself more and ponder upon it. It’s always nice to write self love prompt, I always end up with a good cry ❤️

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      1. I think the fact that it’s personal was what made this post of yours strong and powerful to me. And that’s great for you! I’m still struggling with that, unfortunately, but it’s never too late to learn it, right?


    1. Glad that it inspired you. I adore that part in me so much, it’s the part that seems to do the most fighting all the way long. Even if you feel you’re alone, you never truly are. We all always have Him ✨

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